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Take your events to the next level by offering your players and fans live, validated scores and stats directly from the scorers table. Even turn it into a new profit center! 


Offer your players and fans up to the minute stats much like the national networks - wherever they go.

The Gold Standard

EPLAY Gold helps to assure the stats you are seeing come straight from the scorers table and can be trusted.

No Cost to You

The cost of trained EPLAY scorekeepers is covered directly by EPLAY and/or other programs. 

Extra Revenue

Offer LiveStats and EPLAY Gold to players and fans for a nominal fee - EPLAY will split proceeds 50/50

Everything starts with quality data.

The foundation of everything RevSports does stems from the real-time information generated on the free EPLAY app 

FREE E-Scorebook replaces paper ones.

Use your favorite mobile device to easily score your games and make the stats available immediately to family and fans. And its just the beginning!

The power of Live TRUE  Stats.

The big difference between us and the other scoring apps on the market is that our stats come directly from the scorers table - unbiased scorekeepers trained by RevSports.

Create a profile. Maintain a career.

Once you and/or your team has used EPLAY to score a game you were in, you begin a career that can go with you wherever your journey takes you.