• EPLAY for Organizers, Event Operators
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    Add tremendous value and revenue to your event for your players, fans, scouts, recruiters, coaches, and media - FREE AND EASY.

Take your event to the next level with EPLAY ORGANIZER.

Use EPLAY (Free) - Boost Your Event...and Bottom Line.

EPLAY's completely free Organizer, Statistician, and Scorekeeper tools allow for organizers of all types (club events, governing bodies, leagues and more) to earn money while providing more services and adding integrity to their events. We partner with you to record, distribute, and monetize your verified statistics to parents, fans, players, coaches, media, recruiters and scouts. How does it work?

1.) Become a verified organization scorekeeping with EPLAY

2.) Promote your LiveStats link to parents and fans during games

3.) Set the price (if any) and earn revenue

4.) All verified stats are shared with scouts

Learn more about how EPLAY sets your event apart and join below.

Free Scorekeeping Tool

Work with EPLAY to replace or work in conjunction with a paper book at the scorer's table to earn revenue, build players' careers, and provide usable data for parents, fans, players, coaches, recruiters, media, and scouts.

Live Stats & Analytics for All

Media, scouts, recruiters, fans, and coaches on the bench all have access to the scorebook as it's kept in real time. Use this to monetize, grow the buzz around your event, and allow decision-makers in the stands to better understand the players they're looking at on the floor.

Build Scoutable Integrity

Unlike other online stat outlets, scouts use EPLAY for two reasons - data they know they can trust and the E-Score. All data visible to scouts comes from approved organizations and scorekeepers - and only this data is available in the global E-Score ranking system.

Effortlessly Grow Revenue

EPLAY enables event operators to not only generate revenue like never before - but even earn money on their scorekeeping. How?  You set the price of the offerings for each role (fans, scouts, recruiters, and media). You keep 50% of what you earn (or make it free and share live results on social media).